Turn your event stream into Video on Demand

Turn your event stream into Video on Demand

Keep sales going even after your stream ends by allowing guests to view a recorded version via Video on Demand. You have a couple options for using this feature - enable Video on Demand when you choose to use Quicket Hosted Streaming in your dashboard, or simply upload your recorded video file to your streaming management page.

Either way, you'll want to begin by
creating your event and then going to the Streaming page in your event dashboard.

Convert from Quicket Hosted Streaming

If you're using Quicket Hosted Streaming to stream your event, converting your stream into Video on Demand is as simple as flipping on a switch. (See more information & help about using Quicket Hosted Streaming in general here). 

On your streaming management page, after you've selected Quicket Hosted Streaming, you'll see the option 'Convert my stream to Video on Demand after it ends' -- slide this to ON.

There are a few things to note here:
  1. When you slide this on, we will extend your event end date by 7 days. This is to allow guests to continue buying tickets and watching your video. You can change this by simply going to the Event Details page in your dashboard (listed under the menu item Event Page) and changing your event end date. Please note that event payouts are processed within 3 working days of your event end date.
  2. Your event video will only be available starting 12 hours after your original stream ends. We'll send you an email once your stream has successfully been converted to video.
  3. You'll be able to see a preview image of your video on your streaming management page, however, you will not be able to download the video from this page. If you need a copy of your video file, please record your stream. You can see more info on recording your stream with OBS Studio here
  4. You can open up new ticket sales for Video on Demand by simply hiding your old ticket types then creating new tickets on your Ticket Types page. More info on how to do that here. Just be sure to come back to your Streaming page afterward to select the new ticket types for streaming under Access Control.

Upload a video file

If you've already recorded your stream from a past event, or if you simply want to upload a file that you've recorded for your new event, you can select the option 'Upload a video file'.

Please note that depending on the size of your file, it may take several minutes to upload. Don't close this page while the video is uploading, but you are welcome to step away from your computer while it's processing - we'll send you an email when it's successfully uploaded, or if there are any errors, we'll email you to let you know.

The following file types are currently supported: AVI, MOV, MKV, WEBM, FLV and MP4.


If you're using the Quicket Hosted Streaming option, please note that Quicket Hosted Streaming comes with its own fees that you will be charged for up until the point that your stream is converted to video. Once your stream has been converted, or if you're using the Upload a Video File option, you can expect the following fees to be deducted from your event payout:
  1. R100 / hour of content uploaded
  2. R5 / hour of content stored per month
  3. R2 / hour of content watched by a viewer
Prices above are ex. VAT and are billed pro rata per minute.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance on support@quicket.co.za or phone us on +27 21 424 9308.

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