How to add banking details for your Quicket event payout

Getting paid for your ticket sales

There are several ways you can add your banking details for your event payout. If you used Quicket's payment facilities and not your own merchant account, we will pay out the funds from your event - less our commission and any fees you may have accumulated - within 3 working days of your event ending.

Add banking details during event creation

On step 3 of event creation - when you create your Ticket Types - if you choose to sell any paid tickets or collect donations, then you'll be able to add your banking details before proceeding to your event dashboard. This isn't required to continue or to go live with your event, but we do suggest you add your banking details before your event ends, to ensure a quick and easy payout post event.

Add banking details from your event dashboard 

Start by logging into your Quicket account, and go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events then click on the name of your event. From the menu of your dashboard select  Manage  then  Payout Details .

Or, simply click to add your banking details from your event dashboard quick links. (This reminder will stay here until you've added your bank account for payout.)

If you already added banking details in your Quicket account before, you'll see those details listed here. If you didn't select  Default  or if you have multiple bank accounts saved in your Quicket account, you'll need to select the right account to use for your payout and click  Save Changes .

If you need to add a new bank account, simply click 'here' to add a new account, and click Save Changes.

Add banking details from your account

You can also add your banking details from your Quicket account any time after creating your account. Just log into Quicket and go to My Events and then Bank Accounts.

Click Add a new account to enter your banking details.

Your event statement

An event statement will be emailed to you once we've processed your payout, but you can also find this in your event dashboard by going to Reports and then Event summary . This will give you a breakdown of the tickets sold, any fees that Quicket has taken (e.g. commission, ticket booking fees, equipment hire, etc.), and what we've paid out to you.

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