How to record your stream with OBS Studio

How to record your stream with OBS Studio

If you're using OBS Studio as your encoder, you can record your stream so that you have a copy of your event to keep for yourself or share with others. Quicket does not currently have a Video on Demand service to charge for people who want to watch your recording later, though we do hope to offer this in the near future.

To record while you're streaming simply click Start Streaming then Start Recording immediately after (or vice versa).

Or, if you know that you'll always need to record your streams (and to reduce the risk of forgetting to click Start Recording after you start streaming), you can configure your settings so that you automatically record every time you click Start Streaming.

To do this, click Settings, then under General, you'll see the options 'Automatically record when streaming' and 'Keep recording when stream stops.'

The first option is fairly self explanatory - tick the box 'Automatically record when streaming' so that every time you click Start Streaming, you also start recording (without having to click both buttons).

'Keep recording when stream stops' is a good option if you're perhaps not 110% confident in your network connection. If there's any chance that the stream could drop during the event, your recording will carry on as your event does.

Click 'Apply' at the bottom when you're finished.

The recordings will be saved to your computer, so be sure you have plenty of space on your hard drive to accommodate them. To find the recordings, go to File in OBS then click Show Recordings.

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