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            Using the Quicket Go mobile scanning app - iPhone

            The Quicket Go scanning app allows scanning of tickets via the camera on your iPhone or iPad. You can also search your guest list and view check-in stats from within the app.

            Click here if you need help with the Quicket Go Android app.

            How it works

            The app synchronises with your event guest list on Quicket when you are connected to the internet. If you are using multiple devices for scanning tickets, each device synchronises with Quicket while it has connection to the internet. If a device loses connection, the app will switch to it's own version of the event guest list. Upon re-connection to the internet, check-in data will be synchronised back to Quicket and any other devices also scanning tickets for your event.

            NB: If your phone is offline while scanning, be sure to connect to the internet before logging out of your account on the app or switching events in the app. Otherwise, you will lose any check-in data that was collected while scanning.

            Download the app in the App Store here:, from the link in your event dashboard or by searching for Quicket Go in the App Store.

            Using the app

            Once you've downloaded the app, login with your Quicket account details.

            Upon logging in, you'll see a list of your upcoming active events on Quicket. Note that you will not be able to view any past events in the app.

            If your event is recurring (set up as a series over multiple dates or times), you will be able to select any of the upcoming schedules after selecting the event.

            Scanning tickets

            Select from your list of events which one you'll be scanning tickets for and you'll be taken to the homepage for that event in the app.

            To start scanning tickets, simply click the green camera icon in the bottom right corner of the app. Point the camera at the barcode on the ticket and it will scan automatically.

            If the barcode is
            invalid (e.g. the ticket was cancelled or for the wrong event), you'll be notified so you can investigate further.

            If a ticket was
            already checked in, you'll see a message that tells you when the ticket was checked in, the ticket details and the option to continue scanning, or you can check the ticket out if it was checked in by mistake.

            If the ticket has been transferred to someone else, you'll see a message that the ticket has been transferred. When a ticket is transferred, the original ticket is cancelled & invalidated and the recipient of the transferred ticket receives a new valid ticket. The person who transferred their ticket will not be able to use the original ticket to gain entry.

            If the ticket is
            valid, you'll see a success message with the ticket details. You can click Continue to keep scanning, or you can click Check Out if the ticket was checked in by mistake.

            Searching for guests

            If you need to search for a ticket manually (e.g. if someone forgot to bring their physical ticket), just head back to the event homepage in the app and click the search icon in the top right corner.

            You can search for a ticket by email address, name or barcode number.

            If there are any results for your search, tickets that have already been checked in will appear with a green bar next to them. You can click on any of the results from your search to see more ticket details and to check in the ticket.

            Check-in report

            You can see how many tickets total and how many of each ticket type have been checked in by simply going back to your event homepage in the app. You can see a more detailed check-in report from your event dashboard in your Quicket account. Click here for more information about your event check-in report.

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