Using your check-in report

            To gather check-in data, you'll need to either use the Quicket Go mobile scanning app, or you can use the laptop scanning app to check in tickets using a barcode scanner or to manually check in guests. If you have internet access at the gate then the Check-in report will update in real-time as guests are checked in; otherwise, with no internet access, you'll be able to see your check-in stats once the laptop or mobile device used for scanning has an internet connection.

            Key metrics

            Key metrics are a brief overview of the total number of tickets booked, the total number of tickets checked in, and the percentage of tickets sold that have been checked in. Note that the tickets sold includes donations and merchandise which may not be checked in at the gate if not used to get entry.

            Check-in details

            Here you'll be able to see all of your ticket types, the total number of each ticket type that was booked and the total number of each that has been checked in. This will also include your merchandise sales and donations.

            Flow of check-ins

            This charts the number of check-ins per hour at your event from the time the first ticket was checked in. This is helpful for keeping track of the times you have the most guests coming through the queue to be aware of what times you might need more staff at your door. 

            Checked in by scanning station

            This will only appear if you've set up multiple scanning stations using the Quicket laptop scanning app. This is handy if you have multiple check-in points and want to see where the majority of your check-ins came from or if they were evenly distributed. This can help better plan for your gates in future.

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