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            How to update your default ticket type settings

            You're creating or managing the tickets for your event, and need to set your purchase limits, sales dates and ticket descriptions.

            You'll start creating your ticket types in Step 2 of your event creation, but you can always edit these and add more ticket types from your event dashboard. Select Paid ticket or Free ticket and then select Ticket settings to access more options for your ticket types.

            If you've already created your ticket types, you can find these options by going to Checkout and then Ticket types in your event dashboard. From there, just click the spanner  under Actions.

            Ticket options

            You can customise the following fields for each ticket type you create:

            Ticket description: the details of your ticket type. What you enter here appears as a pop-up when guests hover over the information (i) icon next to the ticket name on your event page. (Example below)

            Min tickets per purchase: the minimum number of tickets that can be purchased in a single order. Guests will not be able to purchase less than this amount.

            Max tickets per purchase: the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased in a single order. Guests will not be able to purchase more than this amount.

            Max tickets per user: the maximum number of tickets that a user can book regardless of whether they have one order or multiple orders. For example, if set to 10, users can make one booking of 10 tickets, or two bookings of 5 tickets but will not be able to buy more than 10 tickets total.

            Tickets available in increments of: if you have an event where guests can only purchase tickets in groups of 2 or 3, etc, you'll want to specify that here. Note that you'll want to still keep the ticket price per single ticket, otherwise guests may be over-charged.

            Start sales on: select the date and time that you want to start selling this ticket type.

            End sales on: select the date and time that you want end sales for this ticket type.

            Scan success colour: when tickets are successfully scanned in at the door, they will flash the colour you choose from this menu. (This is great if you need door staff to easily and quickly know when a certain ticket type holder checks in, e.g. VIP or sponsors).

            Upload image: If you have artwork for your event, you can upload your own ticket design for your ticket types. The image uploaded will appear on the ticket just below the ticket information, barcode and QR code. 

            Sell at the door: set this to Yes if you'd like to use our Door Sales app and sell this ticket type at the door. You may want to hide this ticket type by clicking the eye icon under Actions, otherwise visitors to your event page will be able to view or purchase this ticket online.

            Ticket stub: enter your terms and conditions, age restrictions, and other event information here. Only the first 500 characters will be shown on the ticket.

            Total event capacity: once this many tickets have been purchased, the event will be marked as Sold Out. This takes into account any combination of your ticket types sold.

            Creating group discount ticket types

            To create group tickets, add a paid ticket then set the ticket price per ticket. After that, just set the minimum and maximum tickets per purchase to the same number.

            Group tickets

            Example: You have an event where guests must arrive in groups of 4, and tickets to your event are R100. Creating a ticket type for groups of four people would look like this:

            Guests will then only be able to purchase tickets in multiples of 4 at R100 per ticket, for a minimum purchase total of R400.

            Discounted group tickets

            To offer a bulk discount that takes a percentage off the total order amount,
            see our help article on bulk discounts. Otherwise, see below for help offering a special such as '3 for 2 tickets.'

            Example: Tickets to your event are R100, and you are offering a special where guests can buy 3 tickets for the price of 2 for a total minimum purchase of R200. You will need to make the ticket price R66.66, so that 3 tickets add up to R200. You'll want to set the minimum tickets per purchase to 3 and available in increments of 3 (you can also set the maximum tickets per purchase to 3 to cap orders at 3 tickets).

            Just make sure you click Save to finish, and you're done!

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