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            Creating discount and access codes

            You have a hidden ticket type you'd like to reveal to select guests or would like to offer a discount to guests who use a special code.

            To create discount and access codes, log into your Quicket account and go to My Events then Manage Events. Select Manage next to your event and from the menu of your dashboard, choose Promote and then Discount Codes.

            Click Add new code to get started.

            Code text: enter the code that guests will need to use to receive their discount or reveal hidden ticket types. Try using something short and easy to type but that would also be hard to guess.

            Bulk discount: set a discount based on the amount of tickets being ordered. See the help article on bulk discounts for more information.

            Share and Save: allows ticket buyers to share the event page on Facebook for a reduced price ticket. You get exposure, they get a discount. See the help article on offering a Share and Save discount for more information.

            Note that the discount you set for Share and Save will be applied per ticket, not per order.

            Is it an access code?: slide to YES if you would like this code to reveal hidden ticket types you have created. (Scroll down below to see help hiding your ticket types.)

            Discount amount: if you're creating a code that should apply a discount to the guest's purchase, you'll want to specify the amount in ZAR or as a percentage under Discount amount. Guests will be able to see the discounted amount after they enter their code and click Apply on the event page.

            Note that you can make tickets that are both discounted and hidden by checking Is access code as well as entering a discount value. When guests enter the code on the event page, the hidden ticket type will appear with the discount applied.

            Number of uses: the total number of tickets that can be ordered using the code you've created.

            Select tickets: select which ticket types you'd like this code to apply to. If you don't select any tickets, this code will not apply a discount or reveal hidden ticket types.

            Click Save Changes, and you’re done!

            To hide tickets for your event, go to Checkout then Ticket types from the menu of your event dashboard. Under Actions click the eye icon next to the ticket type you'd like to hide. Once you've done this, only guests with the access code will be able to order this ticket from the event page.

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