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            Ticket transfers vs edits & when to use each

            Ticket transfers

            This should be used if you ordered a ticket for someone else and that ticket is now in your Quicket account. We highly, highly recommend transferring the ticket to the person you purchased for because, while you are responsible for the ticket transfer (i.e. transferring the ticket to the correct email address from your Quicket account), the recipient will then be responsible for ensuring their own ticket details are entered correctly and timeously before the event.

            Transferring a ticket is the most secure way to give a ticket to someone else. This will remove the ticket from your Quicket account, remove the details (e.g. name, ID number) from the ticket, change the barcode and send a new ticket to the recipient. The recipient will receive an email from Quicket with a link for them to add their own ticket details from their Quicket account. We will create an account for them during the transfer if they don't already have one.

            Click here for help transferring tickets.

            Ticket edits

            Ticket edits should only be used in the case that there is some information on your own ticket that you need to change. For example, if you were in a rush at checkout and entered your name incorrectly, you can take advantage of the one-edit-per-order rule available for AfrikaBurn orders.

            Because you're only allowed one edit per order (not per ticket), if you purchased multiple tickets at the same time, we highly recommend transferring the extra ticket in your account to the other ticket holder. Once the transfer is complete, it will be that person's responsibility to add their own ticket details and bring their ticket & ID to the gate with them.
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