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            How do I sell my tickets in STEP?

            The Secure Ticket Exchange Programme (STEP) works as a queue that matches tickets from sellers who no longer need them to buyers who weren't able to purchase tickets in the general ticket sale.

            Please note that STEP is not available for every event on our website. For those events that do use STEP, only certain ticket types are eligible to be resold. Unfortunately any tickets that were transferred to you cannot be put into STEP. Click here for more info on which tickets can't be resold.

            To sign up to STEP, you'll need to
            login to the Quicket account that your tickets are listed under.

            Once logged in, head to the event page on Quicket where in the event description you should see a link to join the Secure Ticket Exchange Programme. Be sure to read all of the information listed on the STEP intro page then click 'I want to SELL tickets'.

            If you do not have tickets that are eligible to be sold in STEP, you'll see a message that shows you have no valid tickets to be put into STEP. 

            If you do have valid tickets that are eligible to be sold in STEP, you'll need to select which tickets you're selling, then click 'Sell these tickets back to STEP.'

            Your tickets will then be placed into the queue and once they reach the top of the queue, will be offered out to a buyer. If your tickets are successfully sold then we'll send you an email when your original tickets have been cancelled and refunded, though you can check the status of your tickets at any time (click here to find out how). STEP refunds are processed once per week, typically on Friday afternoons (SAST).

            Please note that while the demand to buy tickets in STEP is normally high, we cannot guarantee that your tickets will be sold. We will release all unsold tickets to their original owners before the event starts, on a date chosen by the event organiser, to allow time to sell the ticket privately if needs be.

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