Why can't I add my tickets to sell in STEP?

Why can't I add my ticket to sell in STEP?

If you're trying to add your tickets to sell in the STEP queue with no luck, there could be a few reasons you're having trouble:

1. Were the tickets you're trying to sell transferred to you?

Transferred tickets are not eligible to be sold in STEP. This is because when tickets are sold in STEP, we issue a refund to the ticket owner. Because you, the ticket owner, did not pay Quicket directly for that ticket order, we do not have your funds to refund you. Transferred tickets will rather need to be sold privately.

2. Which ticket type are you trying to sell?

STEP has only one queue per event, so it can only manage the buying and selling of one ticket type per event (or of multiple ticket types but only if they are the same price, as listed by the event organiser). If you'd like to know which ticket types are eligible to be sold on STEP for the event, shoot us an email on support@quicket.com and we can let you know.

3. Are you logged into the correct Quicket account?

If you're seeing the message 'You have no valid tickets to be put into the STEP program' but your tickets were not transferred to you and they are an eligible ticket type for STEP, then it's possible you're not logged into the correct Quicket account to add your tickets.

During the checkout process, you will have either entered an email address under the section Buyer Information, or you may have already been logged into a Quicket account if you've bought tickets with us before. The email address that was listed under Buyer Information is the email address you'll need to use to log into Quicket.

To check the account you're logged into, go to our homepage and look in the top right corner; you will either see a Login link or you will see an email address listed. If you see an email address other than the one that was used to buy your ticket, you are logged into the wrong account. Click on the email address and select Logout. You can then log into your Quicket account using the correct email address. (
Click here if you need help with your password).

If someone else purchased your ticket for you, you will need to ask them to list your ticket into the STEP queue from their own Quicket account. Please note that the refund will be paid back into the same account from which the original ticket purchase was debited.

Click here for more general help on how to add your tickets to STEP.

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