Sending your streaming link out for your Online Event

Sending your streaming link out for your Online Event

With many events choosing to go Online (click here if you'd like help moving your event online) there's still the question of how to get the link to your event out for people to attend. We have many ways you can communicate with your confirmed guests before (and during) the event so they know where to log in for your online event.

NB: We recommend using one of these methods if you have not enabled Streaming for your Quicket event. Click here if you'd rather like some help enabling Streaming for your event and allow us to automatically send the streaming link to your guests.

Purchase success email

You can really put any message you need to get across to guests in the purchase success email they receive when they book their tickets. For an Online Event, though, this is especially useful. Because this message is only sent to confirmed guests who have already booked & paid for their tickets, you can be sure the link for your event is not getting out to anyone else.

For this to be useful, you will need make sure that you've got your link handy before guests start buying tickets. Or if you only have your link later on, you can always resend purchase success emails to your guests (you can find help on that here). 

To add a message with your event streaming link, just head to your event dashboard, and from the menu select Checkout >> Ticket Settings. Scroll down just a bit and you'll see an option 'Include a message' - slide this to ON and you can type in the message that you want guests to see in their ticket confirmation email.

Click SAVE TICKET SETTINGS when you're finished. That's it! Now every ticket confirmation email that goes out to confirmed guests will include the link to your event livestream.

Purchase success page message

It's best to put your livestream link in as many places that confirmed guests can see it as possible. While most people do look out for their purchase success email as soon as their booking is done, there is also a place for you to add a message on the success page they land on immediately after their booking is confirmed.

To add a message on the success page, just head to your event dashboard, and from the menu select Event Page >> Event Settings.

Scroll down a bit to Save the changes, and that's it! Your streaming link is now readily available to ticket buyers as soon as their booking is complete.


If you don't have your online event link ready before guests start buying tickets, don't worry. You still have options to contact all of your confirmed guests before (and during) the event. If you have a MailChimp account (or if you don't - never a bad time to create one), you can link your MailChimp account to your Quicket account so you can use MailChimp to contact your event guests.

Before the event, you can link up your MailChimp account then create a mailer to send your event link to all of the confirmed guests of that particular event.

Head to your event dashboard to get started, and from the menu select Integrate >> MailChimp.

You can find more detailed help on linking your MailChimp account to your Quicket account here

If you need more detailed help on using MailChimp in general, please head to their support centre here

SMS your guests

Another way to contact your confirmed guests is by shooting them an SMS - right from your event dashboard. Please note that not every guest may provide their mobile number, and this feature does come at a small fee, but it is quite an efficient way of getting information to guests quickly.

To make use of the SMS your guests feature head to your event dashboard. From the dashboard menu, select Guest Management >> SMS your guests.

You can select which guests to SMS based on the ticket they purchased. And don't worry - no SMS will be sent before you're able to see what the fee for the SMSes will be. Just click Calculate List, then follow the instructions to send them out. Whatever amount you spend will simply be deducted from your event payout after the event ends.

Use your guest list

If any of the above options don't speak to you (or even if they do and you're just covering all your bases of communication), you can always head to your guest list to get the email addresses of your confirmed guests to contact them from your personal email account. If you do this, just be sure you BCC all of the guests in your email.

Head to your event dashboard, and from the menu select Guest Management >> Guest List.

You'll want to scroll down where you can download the guest list in csv or Excel format for the easiest way to copy the email addresses. Then simply paste the email addresses into an email. That's it!

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