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            Your event page on Quicket

            The event page is the centrepiece in the Quicket ecosystem. This is the page that people attending for your event land at before they commit.

            It's imperative that you give your attendees any additional information they need in order to take them from browsing into becoming paying attendees. Also, be careful not to give them an information overload - it's all about balance. It's absolutely key you make the best impression as possible as it's unlikely the person will convert to a sale if they leave on the first visit.

            You can find out more about customising your event homepage here.

            An event homepage can be found either at the  Quicket URL, which will look something like or at a short URL for your event, eg.

            Alternatively, you can promote your own website using any third party system you choose, and accept registrations using our Embeddable Iframe widget. See an example below:

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