How to create a team registration

            Some event organisers may include or require the option to register as teams before booking tickets for the event. By creating a team you become the team owner and can invite new members, email existing team members and more.

            If the organiser has also allowed individual entries for the event as well as team entries, you'll want to make sure you click to enter as a team.

            Because you're going to become the team owner, you'll need to then select 'Create a team.' 

            Enter your team name, password (if needed) and which ticket type the members in your team will be ordering. Depending on the event, the organiser may have allocated a certain ticket type that your team can purchase, or they may have allowed the members of your team to each book whichever ticket they choose.

            Now your team is created, you'll need to join it! Click 'Join team' on the following screen then you can select your tickets to order for the event.

            Once the team is created, you can either select your tickets and go through the checkout process then, or you can go to your Team Room and start inviting members to join.

            Click here for help managing your team.

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