How to manage your team registration

            If you've created a team registration for an event, you can use your Team Room to invite new members, email your current members and download your member's registration details. 

            Start by logging into your Quicket account and going to My Teams. 

            Once in My Teams you can see all of the teams that you're a member of and all of the teams that you've created and can manage. Click on the name of the team that you want to manage. 

            In your Team Room you'll be able to see all of your team members, upload an event image, configure event settings, invite new members, email current members and download member data.

            Settings: Here you can change the team name, add a team description, turn team password protection on or off and set a password for the team. If you set a password for your team, any new members will need to provide this password in order to join the team when registering for the event. Note that some organisers may disable team passwords for their events. 

            Invite members: You can send an email to members you'd like to invite. You can enter multiple email addresses - just be sure to separate them by commas. If you've enabled password protection for your Team, be sure to include the password in the email.

            Email members: Send an email to team members by clicking Email Members. This will send an email to all team members, and you can choose to send a copy to yourself as well.

            If the organiser has allowed ticket transfers for teams, you may be able to transfer tickets from the team room to other members. If ticket edits are allowed for the event, you'll be able to edit the details of your team members' tickets as well.

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