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            About the Quicket Go scanning app

            Quicket has built a Smartphone App that you can download and install on your Android phone to run your event smoothly.

            The app is specifically used for scanning in and validating the barcoded tickets that are issued to all Quicket ticket buyers.

            All tickets have a unique barcode and ticket number and this is how we make sure no tickets are duplicated in the printing process. Use the scanner to check that the ticket has not been used before and to grant your guests quick, easy and professional access to your events.

            Use your device's built-in camera to scan barcoded Quicket tickets for your event. Full feature list:
            • Log into the app using your Quicket account
            • Switch between your Quicket events
            • Scan tickets with your device camera
            • Search guest list and view complete guest details
            • Check guests in / out
            • Manual barcode entry mode allows for an external USB barcode scanner to be plugged in for high volume scanning.
            • Real-time check-in statistics
            • Use multiple devices all running this app to increase your check-in rate
            • Syncs between devices
            • Remember that the app requires 3G/4G to work and synchronise so as long as you have signal it will work well.
            Things to note
            • This app runs on a phone, if your door staff are required to scan for long shifts - have a phone charger ready.
            • This app can scan tickets on paper or on a phone. If a ticket buyer, however has a severely cracked screen - you may have to search for their details and checking them in manually.
            • If your venue is very dark you will have to use the flash to scan the barcodes.

            Lastly, we recommend that as a fail safe you print out a hard copy of your guest list in case of a larger problem.

            iOS version to be released soon!

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