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            I'm selling my ticket to a specific buyer -- can we use STEP?

            The Secure Ticket Exchange Programme (STEP) works as a queue that matches tickets from sellers who no longer need them to buyers who weren't able to purchase tickets in the general ticket sale. Because it matches tickets based on your place in the queue (whether buying or selling), you are not able to use STEP to make a direct sale.

            If you have a buyer in mind already to sell your ticket to, you have a couple other options:

            1. Ticket transfer

            If you have a friend or family member you are selling the ticket to and trust that they will make payment to you directly, you can simply transfer the ticket to the buyer from your Quicket account. No funds are processed through Quicket for ticket transfers, so you will need to sort out payment with the buyer directly. 

            All you need to transfer your ticket is the buyer's email address. Please ensure that they have given you an email address they can access and that you enter it correctly while making the transfer from your Quicket account. Ticket transfers cannot be reversed.

            2. TicketPony

            If you've found a buyer through social media or through a friend but don't know them well enough or feel uncomfortable handling the ticket transfer and fund collection yourself, you can sign up on TicketPony to send your ticket directly to the buyer -- TicketPony will handle sending the ticket to the buyer as well as collecting the funds on your behalf to payout to you.

            Find out more about TicketPony here.

            Please remember that you should not sell your ticket above face value.

            Updated: 07 Feb 2018 10:21 PM
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