Sell tickets as a vendor

How to sell tickets as a vendor

You're using Quicket's online platform for ticket sales but also want to sell tickets at a physical location. Use our vending system to complement your online sales by selling tickets to your guests at a box office, school, theatre or other location from where you are operating. It also allows guests without internet access to come purchase tickets directly from you without the need to go online.

Get in touch with us on or phone on 021 424 9308 during office hours and we'll set you up as a Quicket vendor to sell tickets to your event. NB: Please make note of your operator code and keep it somewhere safe once you've been set up as a vendor; you'll need to enter this code before every purchase.

Enable vending mode

Once you're set up as a vendor you can start selling tickets! First, make sure you’re logged into your Quicket account. Once logged in, go to My Account then My Vending , and click Enable vending mode .

Slide Send SMS default to YES if you'd like ticket buyers to receive their tickets by SMS as well as by email.

A blue bar will appear at the top of your screen and will show on every Quicket page that you visit, to keep you aware that you're in vending mode.

Sell tickets

Click Start selling .

Only the events you are authorised to sell tickets to will appear. Click the image or name of the event that you're about to sell tickets for.

Once you've selected the event, enter your operator code. You'll need to enter this code before every purchase.

Under Choose Your Tickets , select which ticket type the buyer would like and how many of each ticket. Click Order now!

On the following page, enter the buyer's email address and cell phone number in the spaces provided. Their tickets will be emailed and sent to them via SMS. If they do not wish to have their ticket sent by SMS, just move the slider under Send SMS to NO.

If they are buying more than one ticket, they have the option to have each ticket holder's information filled in. If they choose this option, just click Fill in details .

NB: Each ticket will be sent to each individual ticket holder via SMS but not to each ticket holder's email. All tickets bought in one purchase will be sent to the buyer's email address and stored in the buyer's Quicket account.

If they wish to cancel their purchase before it is confirmed, click the orange Cancel button on the right side of the page. If you have any problems completing an order, give Quicket a call on 021 424 9308 or send an email to .

Once they have paid you for their purchase, click
Payment received . ONLY click this once you have received the funds.

A pop-up will appear after you click Payment received . Double check that all details are correct and click OK . A confirmation page will appear with the ticket type, amount sold and who the tickets have been sent to.

If the buyer would like a receipt for their purchase, click Print receipt on the right side of the screen.

This receipt is NOT their ticket.

To sell more tickets, click Sell another one!. Otherwise you can exit vending mode by heading to the blue bar at the top and click to exit.

Or you can go back to My Vending in your account and click Disable vending mode .

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