How to integrate your Quicket and Payfast accounts

How to integrate your Quicket and Payfast accounts

How does the integration work from a fees perspective?

Though we always promote the usage of our own payment gateway as the first port of call on Quicket, we do provide integrations for those who need access to their funds in order to make the event itself happen. One of these integrations is with Payfast and it works exceptionally well. Please note that it is cheaper to use our offering but some users still prefer to use their own Payfast accounts.

Quicket's standard fee taken on every ticket is 4.9% ex VAT which comprises of the following two amounts 2.4% ex VAT for ticketing software and 2.5% ex VAT for the use of our payment gateway. Remember the ticket buyer pays a standard R5.00 per ticket booked. This does not affect your fees and goes directly to us. Traditionally when using our payment gateway we pay you two working days after your event has completed as per our Terms and Conditions of business.

If and when you opt to use your private Payfast account we then drop our fees only to the ticketing component 2.4% ex VAT. All other fees you pay to Payfast directly. We invoice you for our portion of the fees collected by Payfast two working days after your event has completed. This must be settled directly with us.

How do I connect my Payfast account?

Integrating and connecting your account can only be done once your event has been set up on the Quicket platform and submitted for approval and activated. It has to be done this way because you can only test a payment integration on a live event page able to make transactions.

Once your event has been set up do the following:
  1. Log into your Payfast account and find the following details:
    1.1. Merchant ID
    1.2. Merchant key
  2. Email and request that we turn on Payfast for your event page. We will require the following in order to complete this request:
    2.1. Your Quicket email address for your registered Quicket account
    2.2. Your full event page name as registered on Quicket
    2.3. Merchant ID from Payfast
    2.4. Merchant key from Payfast
We then turn on your integration and test it with you. Once we're both happy it's working you can begin marketing your page and accepting payments. Please note any and all queries regarding both successful and failed transaction will be fielded by the Payfast team and not Quicket as they are now the primary payment gateway service provider.

Any other questions? Ask our support teams.

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