How does the Quicket fee structure work?

How does the Quicket fee structure work?

First and foremost, if your event has FREE entry only, you will not incur any commission fees at all. No set-up fees, no contracts and no commitments needed. We only charge you if and when we need to handle a payment on your behalf.

Quicket commission & payment processing

As your ticketing provider, Quicket charges only 2.4% ex VAT on every paid ticket sold. For NPOs and PBOs, this fee drops to 2% ex VAT. And if you have a higher volume of ticket sales (R250k in ticket sales or more)  get in touch with us to discuss volume-based discounts.

The second fee for payment processing is split from the Quicket commission to give organisers the option of using an independent payment processing service. This fee, however, is only 2.5% ex VAT to run your payments directly through Quicket, and often works out far more cost-effective - and notably with a lot less hassle - than setting up and using your own merchant account.

So in total, the fee charged to you as the event organiser would be 4.9% ex VAT (2.4% commission + 2.5% payment processing).

Here's what we're busy doing for our commission:
  • Running, monitoring 24/7 and constantly improving Quicket's technology so it can handle high levels of traffic while meeting the latest security and banking standards.
  • Providing you with perfect administration and accounting for your event.
  • Providing dedicated customer service for our event organisers and ticket buyers, while giving prompt and expert advice on how to sell even more tickets online.
  • Giving you a clean, junk-free experience. We'll never spam you, sell you anything or pass your private details on to a third party. Ever. Same goes for your ticket buyers.

Booking fees

The fee charged to your ticket buyers is called the booking fee, which is only R5 per ticket.

You also have the option of absorbing the booking fee for your ticket buyers, so that the only fee they pay is for the price of the ticket.
See here for help on how to absorb the booking fee.

Additional info on how Quicket works

  • If you're using Quicket's payment processor, you'll be paid out no later than three working days after your event ends, into the bank account of your choice. Click here for more information on event payouts.
  • Our fee is taken automatically from the total funds turned, so if you don't sell any tickets, you won't pay anything at all.
  • We charge on a per event basis. Quicket has no contracts. We don't believe in tying people down - use us if you like our service.
  • The only other fees you may incur are if you opt to hire field services staff or equipment from us, if you choose to generate printed tickets or send your guests an SMS from your dashboard, or if your event is cancelled you may be liable for the refund fees.

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