How to generate a PDF file of your own printed tickets on Quicket

How to generate a PDF file of your own printed tickets

You're selling tickets online but may also have some guests who prefer to buy tickets from you directly or from an outlet. You can generate a PDF file of tickets right from your event dashboard that you can give or sell to your guests offline.

Note that printed tickets cost R0.20 ex VAT per ticket which will be deducted from your event payout. You can generate up to 500 tickets at a time.

Start by logging into your Quicket account, and go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events then click on the name of your event. From the menu of your dashboard select Guest Management then Printed Tickets .

There you'll see a list of your ticket types for this event. Simply enter the amount of tickets you'd like to generate under Quantity next to each ticket type. Beside the Quantity column, you'll see the Total that generating the tickets will come to. If you choose multiple ticket types to generate at the same time, you can see the Total for all the tickets generated at the bottom of the column. 

After you click Create Tickets, you can view the order of tickets by going to the 'Previously created tickets' tab. There you can choose which action to take:

1. Click to print the tickets; you'll be able to see the PDF file that was created.
2. View the order in your dashboard. This will open a new tab to your
Orders List.
3. View the barcodes. This will open a new tab that shows only the barcodes of your tickets.
4. Or you can download a CSV file of your barcodes. These last two options are handy if you have a specific ticket design you'd like to print your tickets on.

Note that generating printed tickets will not count towards your event's total sales turnover, but they will count towards your limit per ticket type and will reflect in your sales reports. You will still be able to generate printed tickets even if your total sales capacities have been reached.

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