Cancelling or postponing your event

How to cancel or postpone your event

Unfortunately events sometimes need to be cancelled or postponed for reasons out of your control. We know this can be stressful, so we've tried to make it as easy as possible to communicate the event change with your guests with the click of a button right from your account.

Please note that you will not be able to cancel an event from your account if: 
1. You have been given user access to an event (only event owners may cancel or postpone an event).
2. No tickets have been sold or issued (you can simply close ticket sales if you need to cancel an event with no guests).

Please contact us on or phone us on + 27 21 424 9308 if you're unable to cancel your event.

Start by logging into your Quicket account and go to Organiser Hub > Manage Events . Click on the event you need to cancel or postpone. Once in your event dashboard, from the menu select Manage and you should the options Postpone Event and Cancel Event.

Cancel an event

Click 'Cancel event' if you need to cancel. Please be sure to read the information on the cancellation page. Where possible, Quicket will process the refunds for your ticket buyers; you can choose whether to pay the refund fee (which is Quicket's commission fee) or to pass that fee onto the ticket buyers.

If ticket funds were processed directly into your own payment gateway account, we will notify guests to contact you via email for you to let them know how you plan to handle refunds. In this case, we will send you an invoice for our commission fee.

If your event is a series of scheduled events, simply select the schedules you need to cancel. Note that you are not able to cancel schedules that have already passed.

Confirm the cancellation by typing CANCEL into the text box provided, and then click Confirm cancellation  The event will be hidden on our website so that no one can search for or view the event page. Ticket buyers will be sent an email letting them know that you have cancelled the event. Anyone who purchased their tickets by card will be automatically refunded while those who paid by EFT, Instant EFT or SnapScan will be given instructions on how to action their refunds from their Quicket accounts. If the funds were processed into your own account, ticket buyers will be sent an email with your details to contact regarding refunds.

Postpone an event

If you're changing the dates of your event, we give ticket buyers the option to refund their tickets in case they're not able to make the new date. Simply select the new dates on the postponement page and confirm.

If you're unsure of when your new event dates, simply click 'I don't have new dates yet.' This will give you time to make a plan, while still notifying your guests that the event has been postponed. Ticket buyers will be given the option to refund their tickets, and we'll contact you in one month to check in and see if you have new dates yet. You can also come back to your event dashboard at any time before then to update the dates for your event.

You can choose to absorb the refund fee (which is Quicket's commission fee) or to pass that fee onto the buyer. If your event was postponed indefinitely, we will still hold your event funds until after your event ends.

Guests will be sent an email letting them know you've changed the date of the event, or that the event has been postponed with no date set yet. They will be given instructions on how to refund their tickets if they are unable to commit to the event a later date.

Transfer attendees in an event series

If you have a series of events with separate schedules, you can simply transfer attendees to new schedules if you need to postpone an old schedule. Find more info on how to transfer your attendees here.

Contact us

Please contact us on or phone us on + 27 21 424 9308 if you have any questions or need any assistance with cancelling or postponing your event.

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