Your ticket buyers journey

            We thought you might want to know how buying a ticket works for your end-user.

            Firstly and probably most importantly Quicket is the only ticketing company in South Africa we k
            now of, where you can buy a ticket without needing to register or open an account prior to purchase. Believe it or not this is often a major deterrent to ticket sales because opening an account can take longer than simply buying the ticket off the bat. 
            Right, so let's break down the purchase process:

            1. The user sees your event online and follows your custom URL (Link) to your event on Quicket.
            2. The user reads about your event and decides how many tickets to buy.
            3. The user clicks order now and goes to the checkout page.
            4. On the next page the user is asked to fill in his/her email address. If it's an existing Quicket user all their details will already be there. If the ticket buyer is new an account will be created for them on Quicket POST PURCHASE automatically.
            5. The ticket buyer (user) then chooses which payment method bests suits them (we cater for credit/debit cards and EFTs/Direct Deposits in the bank and also Payfast or Payu if you enable these options).
            6. The buyer fills in all their details on each ticket and presses "Confirm Order".
            7. They then get redirected to a new page if paying by Credit/ debit card which loads their bank and a secure window for sending them a One Time Pin. This is a very common place for people to fall out of the buying process because their own bank cards have not been registered for 3D Secure. You can read about this here and it is important.
            8. If they opt to pay by EFT they get instructions on how to pay and have 24 hours to do so.
            9. All tickets are sent immediately on receiving of funds and will be delivered by email.
            The purchase process on average takes 2 minutes.

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