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            Getting familiar with your organiser profile

            Your Organiser Profile has its own URL where you can nest associated events. This is a great way to showcase all of the current and past events you have listed on Quicket for each of your brands.

            You can post and send out the link to your Organiser Profile, and ticket buyers can also view your Organiser Profile by clicking
            More from this organiser on your event page.

            Set up during event creation

            During Step 1 of the event creation process you can either choose an existing Organiser Profile in your account or select New organiser profile.

            To create a new profile you are required to provide both Profile name and Profile email. Ticket buyers will not be able to see your email address on the event page, but our staff may use it to contact you if needed.

            Set up from your Quicket account

            To change details of your organiser profile or create a new profile without having to create a new event, log into your Quicket account and go to My Events then Organiser Profiles.

            Click Create a Profile to set up a new profile. The next time you create an event, you can select this profile to list the event under.

            Name: your company name, organisation, school, venue; i.e. the best way for you and your ticket buyers to identify the various events listed under this profile.

            Profile image: if you have a logo, add it here.

            Show banner?: slide to YES if you have a rectangular version of your profile image that you'd like to span across the top of your profile.

            Show private events?: slide to YES only if you want your events listed as 'Private' to show up in your organiser profile. These events will ONLY be visible in your profile; they will not be search-able on the Quicket homepage or on search engines.

            Short URL: a quick link to share. You can customise this by clicking Change.

            Slogan: this will appear in smaller text below your profile Name on the profile page.

            Description: let ticket buyers know about your organisation or what type of events they can expect from you.

            You're not required to add your contact details, but we suggest letting guests and potential ticket buyers know how they can get in touch. Note that while your Telephone and Mobile numbers will be listed on your Organiser Profile, your email address and physical address will not appear.

            Slide Show website link, Show Facebook link, and Show Twitter feed to YES if you'd like guests to see these on your profile.

            Once you've added all of your details for your Organiser Profile, click Save changes.

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