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            Viewing and using your guest list

            You can easily find a list of all of your guests that have booked tickets as well as those you've sent complimentary tickets and invitations to. Use your guest list for access control at your door or to quickly fetch email addresses to contact your guests.

            Start by logging into your Quicket account and going to My Events then Manage Events. Click on your event, and from the menu of your dashboard choose Guest Management then Guest List.

            On this page you'll see a list of your guests arranged by name in alphabetical order, with ticket type booked and guest email.

            View Order will take you to the Orders List to view more detailed information on the transaction and where you can take certain actions on the purchase, such as issuing a refund. (Click here for help using your Orders List.)

            Click Details next to each guest to see who the ticket was purchased by, the date it was purchased, and the total value of the purchase. Choose the tab Ticket details to see the information collected at checkout, and click Resend tickets if the guest needs their tickets resent.

            At the bottom of the page, you'll find more options for managing your guest list.

            Download RSVP list:
            Download an Excel file to see anyone you've sent an invitation to. This will show you each recipient's email, name, the ticket type they were invited to accept and whether or not they accepted the invitation.

            Download CSV: Download a CSV (comma separated value) file of your guest list.

            Download Excel: Download your guest list as an Excel file. This will be easier to read and use than the CSV file and is great for fetching your guests' email addresses if you need to contact them for any reason. This more detailed view of your guest list also shows: order number, ticket barcode, purchase date, purchaser email, ticket type, price paid, payment type, any discounts applied, check-in details, and validity of the ticket.

            Other information includes responses to any custom questions asked at checkout; seat number for seated events; schedule of ticket for recurring events; if the ticket is a merchandise item; and if the ticket was purchased using the Quicket vending system.

            Download print: Download an easy-to-read printable version of your guest list to use at your door for access control. This version will show you only the ticket barcode, ticket type, name, email, cell phone number (if provided) and if the ticket was complimentary.

            Download Seating report: This will only be listed for events that have a seating plan. Download an Excel file showing the details of your seating plan. This includes each label (seat number), status (availability of the seat), object type (seat, booth, or general access), category (ticket type e.g. General, VIP), purchaser email if the seat is booked and the order number if the seat is booked.

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