How to download a financial report for your events

            Financial reports are useful if you need a complete breakdown of your ticket sales, commission and service fees from your events. You can view one event at a time or see a complete breakdown for every event you've run through Quicket.

            Start off by logging into your Quicket account and go to My Events then Financial Reports.

            On the Financial Reports page you'll have the option to select any or all of your events to generate a report, as well as the dates you'd like the report to apply to.

            Click Generate.

            A spreadsheet will be generated with 5 tabs, each breaking down your event finances in a different way.

            All Transactions: every single transaction that has gone through your event, including booking fees (if you've chosen to absorb the booking fees), commission, your event payout and any extras fees you may have accumulated throughout the course of your event. You'll see the Name of the transaction (ticket type, booking fee, SMS your guests, etc), Type (whether the transaction was a ticket sale, commission, booking fee, or event extra), Event Name, Amount, Transaction Date, Purchase Reference (if applicable), Currency, Payment Type (if applicable), and Event Date From and Event Date To, which is particularly helpful if your event is a series with multiple start and end dates.

            Ticket Sales: this will be only the ticket sales from your event, not including commission and booking fees. This includes each individual ticket that was sold for the event.

            Commission + Service fees: the commission charged on each individual ticket and the booking fees charged on each order processed.

            Event Extras: any extras charged to you for the event; this includes SMS messages sent to guests, pre-printed tickets, equipment hire, etc.

            Grouped Transactions: this will be the total of each type of transaction. E.g., if you have an 'Early Bird' ticket and a 'General Admission' ticket, you'll see the total amount of funds that each ticket type turned separately. You'll also see the total amount of commission charged for each ticket type, the total of booking fees charged (if you've absorbed the booking fees), any extra event fees you may have accumulated and your event payout once the event has finished.

            Updated: 03 Apr 2019 05:32 PM
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