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            When will a STEP ticket become available for me to buy?

            How STEP works is that when a buyer gets to the top of the 'buy' queue, they are offered the ticket at the top of the 'sell' queue. We allow that buyer 24-48 hours to buy the ticket, depending on the event and how close it is to the event start date. If they do not buy the ticket during that 24-48 hour period, the ticket is offered to the next person, and so on.

            Try not to be discouraged if you enter the queue and find your place in the queue seems quite far back. Tickets sell every day in STEP, and we encourage those who no longer need tickets to remove themselves from the queue so that those behind them have a better chance at being offered tickets. That being said, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that will tickets will become available to you.

            Click here for helping checking your place or removing yourself from the STEP queue.

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