What is 3D Secure?

            3D Secure provides an extra step during the online payment process to ensure that only you, the cardholder, uses your card. Also known as Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode or Amex Safekey, it allows you to enter your previously selected PIN/Password or a One Time Pin - helping your bank to know it is you shopping online.

            With an additional focus on the safety of e-commerce transactions, your bank may have already registered you for the service, or you may be required to register during your next online purchase.

            Click on your bank name below for more info on activating 3D Secure:

            Standard Bank

            Why do we have 3D Secure?

            South African banks and e-commerce merchants have implemented 3D Secure to help protect you, the cardholder, against unauthorised use of your card when shopping online with 3D Secure merchants.

            3D Secure allows you to authenticate yourself while making an online payment, therefore minimising the risk of someone else using your card fraudulently.

            How does it work?

            Chances are that your bank automatically enrolled your card in 3D Secure when it was issued. If you've never made an online purchase with your card and you're unsure if your card is registered, it's best to contact your bank directly to check.

            Once your card is registered and you're making an online purchase, you will be prompted with a screen requesting a One Time PIN (OTP) or a PIN/Password during the checkout process. OTPs are sent to the cellphone number or email address your bank has on record for you, while a PIN or Password is a secret code you have chosen when you registered for 3D Secure, or it may have been provided to you by your bank on issuing your card. Simply enter the OTP, PIN or password and proceed with the payment. Normally, and depending on your bank, you may also have an option to resend your OTP; your bank's contact details should also appear on the 3D Secure page should you need any help getting through the 3D Secure process.

            The benefits of 3D Secure

            Online shopping is already very secure with high levels of security and encryption whenever you use your card online. 3D Secure is the next layer up of security whereby your credit, cheque or debit card is further protected from any unauthorised use. So you can shop in total confidence, safe in the knowledge that your card is protected at all times.

            What if my bank is not South African?

            3D Secure is ultimately under the control of the bank your card is issued by. If your card is not issued by a bank that uses 3D Secure (essentially Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode or Amex Safekey), then you still shouldn't have a problem going through the payment process; there will simply be one less security step for you to complete your transaction. Just be sure that your bank is aware you are going to be making a payment on a South African website; otherwise, they may decline the transaction due to suspected fraud.

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