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            Use a registration system

            If you're organising an event and need to collect information from guests before they make a booking, you can set up a registration form that guests must fill in before purchasing tickets. You'll have the option to let guests purchase tickets immediately after registering, or you can choose to only allow guests to purchase tickets after you've approved their registration.

            Start by logging into your Quicket account and go to My Events. Click Manage next to your event, and in your dashboard choose Checkout then Registrations.

            Configure the settings of the registration form, enter a description then you can set up the information you need to collect from your guests.

            Require attendees to preregister?: Slide to YES if guests must fill in the registration form before booking tickets.

            Check for registration on transfer: If you've allowed guests to transfer tickets but want to make sure the each ticket holder has filled out a registration form, slide this to YES. Recipients of transferred tickets will then be required to fill out the registration form before accessing their transferred ticket.

            Force registration for all ticket holders: If guests are able to book more than one ticket per purchase but you need to make sure each guest has filled out a registration form, slide this to YES. Then at checkout, Quicket will check that the email address entered for each ticket holder is linked to a registration form before the purchase can be completed.

            Description: This is an option field where you can explain the registration form to your guests before they fill it out.

            Send email on approval: Slide to YES if you'd like to notify guests via email when their registration is approved.

            Click Save Changes once finished, then click Setup registration form to add questions to your form.

            Click Add question and you can select from a list of commonly asked questions, or you can click Or create your own to customise your questions. 

            Once all of your questions are created, you can choose whether the question must be included, included AND required, or un-tick both if you no longer want to ask this question.

            Click Save changes when you're finished.

            Scroll down to List of registrations to see everyone who has registered. Click Details to see the information they've filled in and to approve registrations if you've chosen to manually approve each form.

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