Why does the event page say 'sold out', 'booked out' or 'N/A'?

            Sold out tickets

            You'll find all of the tickets that are available for an event under the section Choose your tickets. If the Quantity reflects as Sold out, there are no more tickets available for that ticket type and Quicket cannot issue any more tickets.

            Booked out tickets

            If a ticket type reflects as Booked out, this means that some tickets are currently being purchased.

            This could be someone who is on the checkout page paying for their tickets, or it could be someone who has chosen EFT/cash deposit for their payment method, and we are just awaiting their proof of payment to confirm their tickets. If they send us proof of payment within their allotted payment period, we will confirm the booking and the tickets will reflect as Sold out. If they do not make payment, the tickets will be cancelled and released back for sale.

            If the tickets you're hoping to buy say Booked Out, it would be best to check the event page at a later time to see if those tickets have become available. 

            N/A tickets

            If ticket sales for an event have not yet started or have already ended, the Quantity will reflect N/A. In most cases, if the sales have not yet started, you'll see the date that tickets do go on sale listed under SALES END. If ticket sales have ended, Quicket cannot issue anymore tickets.

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