Can I send more than Quicket's default amount of comps and invites?

            If you're planning to send more than 200 complimentary tickets or 200 invitations for your event, then you'll need to link a Mandrill account to your Quicket account.

            For help setting up your Mandrill account:

            Once your Mandrill account is setup, log into your Quicket account and go to My Events then Mail Accounts.

            Click Connect a new mail account to link your Mandrill account.

            A popup will appear where you can enter the details to link your account.

            Account name: This is for you to easily distinguish between accounts if you have multiple Mandrill accounts.

            Service: At this time, you'll only be able to link Mandrill as your mail sending service.

            Mandrill API key: You can find this in your Mandrill account.

            From email address: Enter the email address that recipients will see when they are sent an email. This must match the domain registered in your Mandrill account.

            From name: This will be the name that recipients see when they are sent an email. This can be the name of your company or organisation.

            You can unlink your Mandrill account by clicking the green bin icon. You can add as many Mandrill accounts as you need by clicking Connect a new mail account.

            Sending comps and invitations

            Once your Mandrill account is linked to Quicket, any complimentary tickets or invitations you issue will be sent from your Mandrill account.

            If you have multiple linked Mandrill accounts, when you're sending comps and invites you'll want to select the account from which to send emails by clicking the dropdown menu under Select mail account.

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