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            Great news Quicket has integrated with Zapier a globally recognised gold standard platform.  Zapier  is a service that allows you to easily connect services together without having to do a custom integration for each one. As both Quicket and most CRMS have Zapier integrations we can link the two services together.


            The Quicket integration with Zapier currently supports the following triggers:

            • Order added
            • Guest added
            • Guest removed
            • Guest checked in

            The integration with Zapier is currently in private beta, and so if you'd like to try it out, please use the button below.

            For each trigger, within Zapier you'll be able to see a comprehensive JSON object of all associated information, not just the limited amount of information that you're currently getting with Quicket webhooks . We're planning on adding "Ticket cancelled" trigger by the end of this week, and more triggers soon.


            Webhooks on Quicket will likely stay as it is, with the hope that we can gradually phase it out over time in favour of the Zapier integration.


            Links you many need to get started:


            If you need any additional assistance, get in touch by emailing

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