Introducing our new Quicket Dashboard and event Menu

            They say a change is as good as a holiday and we agree. 

            We decided after a few really good innings, that perhaps it's time to spruce up the Quicket Event Management Dashboard with a cleaner menu that is easier to navigate on both mobile and desktop.

            The new menu system will look as follows:

            Please see our notes on where to find the items you want below. If you're still stuck call 021 4249308 or email

            Event Page
            • Event details
            • Tabbed content
            • Design
            • Ticket types
            • Collect info
            • Merchandise
            • Registrations
            • Payment options
            • Event settings
            • User access
            • Payout details
            • Copy event
            • Discount codes
            • Share and save
            • Link campaigns
            Guest management
            • Guest list
            • Orders list
            • Complimentaries
            • Invititations
            • Printed tickets
            • SMS your guests
            • Sell on Facebook
            • Zapier
            • Mailchimp
            • Widget
            • Webhooks
            • API
            • Visitors report
            • Sales report
            • Checkin report
            • Event summary
            • Tax invoice
            On the day
            • Scanners
            • Sell at the door
            • Request field services

            Help centre
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