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            I'm buying a ticket from someone specific -- can we use STEP?

            The Secure Ticket Exchange Programme (STEP) works as a queue that matches tickets from sellers who no longer need them to buyers who weren't able to purchase tickets in the general ticket sale. Because it matches tickets based on your place in the queue (whether buying or selling), you are not able to use STEP to buy from a specific person.

            If you've found someone outside of STEP who can sell you their ticket, first thing to do is remove yourself from the STEP queue if you'd already signed up (that gives hopeful buyers behind you a better chance at getting a ticket! More help on that here). Next, to get your ticket from the seller, you can try one of these options:

            1. Ticket transfer

            If you're buying a ticket from someone you know you can trust (like your BFF or your Aunt - not your neighbour's cousin's dentist), then you'd be fine going the route of a Quicket ticket transfer. No funds are passed through Quicket for transfers, so you will need to sort out payment with the seller directly.

            All the seller will need from you to transfer the ticket is your email address. Please be sure you give them an email address you have access to and impress upon them the importance of triple checking your email address when they transfer the ticket. Ticket transfers cannot be reversed, so they must use your correct email address.

            Does your seller need help transferring their ticket?
            Click here for a help article link you can send them.

            2. TicketPony

            Are you buying a ticket from a stranger you found on social media? Then TicketPony is probably a better option for you. With TicketPony, you and the seller will need to create accounts, then the seller can select you as the recipient of their ticket. TicketPony will ensure that you receive the ticket and the seller receives the funds. For help on this process, take a look at the TicketPony site here.

            Updated: 11 Feb 2018 10:52 PM
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