I need to know the date of an event

            The best way to get any information about an event is from the event page on Quicket. You can search for all publicly listed events on our homepage here

            If you're unable to find the event by searching for it, it's possible the event is not yet live or is listed as a Private event. If the event is Private, unfortunately you will not be able to search for the event on our website and will need to contact the event organiser directly for a link to their event page.

            Once you've found the event you're looking for, you'll find the date of the event under the section titled WHEN AND WHERE on the right side of the event page.

            If you need more information about the event, you can scroll down just below WHEN AND WHERE to find the Organiser details where you can either find their phone number to give them a call or email them straight from the event page.

            Please note that Quicket is only the ticketing provider for the events listed on our website and do not manage which information an organiser chooses to provide on their event page. If you need information beyond what is listed on the event page, please contact the event organiser directly.

            Updated: 21 Aug 2017 01:33 AM
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