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            I can't find my ticket in my Quicket account

            If you ordered tickets or had a ticket transferred to you but cannot find the tickets in your Quicket account or you see the message 'You are not authorised to view this,' there are few things you can check to get you on the right track to access your tickets.

            1. Are you sure your order was successful?

            If you paid by card, SnapScan or SID Instant EFT and did not see the Quicket payment success page after completing your order, then it's likely the payment was not successful.

            Click here for a list of reasons why your card payment may have failed. If you've checked your bank statement or contacted your bank or credit card provider and suspect the funds were deducted from your account, please contact with proof that you were charged (a screenshot of the line of your bank statement should suffice) and we'll investigate to see what happened and get your tickets to you.

            If you chose the EFT / cash deposit option and did not send us your proof of payment within the time frame listed on your provisional booking confirmation, your booking may have been cancelled. Please send us your proof of payment as soon possible so we can try and sort this out for you. If you made an EFT payment via a non-South African bank, it may take us a couple extra days to confirm your booking to ensure the funds have hit our account before sending your tickets. Please be patient; we'll get in touch if anything goes wrong.

            Remember, if you received an email from Quicket with a ticket attached then your order was successful and the reasons listed below may be a better help to you.

            2. Are you logged into the correct Quicket account?

            During the checkout process, you will have either entered an email address under the section Buyer Information, or you may have already been logged into a Quicket account if you've bought tickets with us before. The email address that was listed under Buyer Information is the email address you'll need to use to log into Quicket and access your tickets. If the ticket was transferred to you, check with the person who transferred the ticket to make sure they entered the correct email address for the transfer.

            Go to our
            homepage and look in the top right corner; you will either see a Login link or you will see an email address listed. If you see Login, this means you're not logged into any Quicket account. Click Login, enter your email address and password and once logged into your account go to My Tickets. You should see your tickets there. (Click here if you need help with your password)

            If you see an email address other than the one that was used to buy or transfer your ticket, you are logged into the wrong Quicket account. Click on the email address and select Logout. You can then log into your Quicket account using the correct email address.

            If you can't remember which email address you used to book your tickets, contact us on and we'll do our best to help track them down.

            3. Are you looking in the right place in your Quicket account?

            If your order was successful and you're logged into the correct Quicket account, make sure you're looking in the right place. Your tickets will be listed under the section My Tickets. 

            4. Did someone else make the booking for you?

            If someone else made the booking and did not enter your email address under Buyer Information (step 1 in the checkout process), then the tickets will not be listed in your Quicket account. For the tickets to appear in your Quicket account, the person who made the booking will need to log into their Quicket account and transfer the ticket to you.

            Click here for help transferring tickets.

            Click here for help editing ticket details.

            Click here to see when you should transfer tickets versus when to edit ticket details.

            Updated: 09 Jan 2018 06:20 AM
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