How to view and update your invoice for a ticket purchase

            If you ordered tickets and chose to pay by EFT, you'll be sent an email with an invoice and our banking details. If you need to edit any details on your invoice or if you chose to pay by card or SID Instant EFT, you can find your invoice in your Quicket account that we created for you during the booking process.

            To view and edit the details of your invoice, start off by logging in to your Quicket account here and going to My Tickets. (Having trouble with your password? Click here for help.)

            Find the tickets you'd like to edit, and click Edit Invoice by Options. If you chose to pay by EFT and your order hasn't been confirmed or cancelled, check under the Provisional tab.

            A window will pop up where you can edit the details of your invoice. You can add your Company name, billing address, VAT number, or any other information you need.

            Then click on View invoice by Options to check if it is displaying correctly.

            Once you're happy, you can download the invoice by hitting Ctrl + P on your keyboard and choosing to save as PDF.

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