How does the Quicket fee structure work?

            First and foremost Quicket is a free to use platform for ticketing. If your event has no entry charge - you will not incur any costs at all. No set-up fees, contracts and no commitments. We only charge you if and when we need to handle a payment on your behalf.


            Quicket has two separate fees for our paid model. 


            1. We charge you - the event organiser - a commission of 4.9% (ex VAT) on every transaction. 


              For example, if a R100.00 ticket gets sold on Quicket, you will receive R100.00 minus R4.90 (ex VAT). In this example, you would receive R94.41.
               * Quicket offers NPO/NGO/PBO's a rate of 4.5% ex VAT
            2. The other fee is a R5.00 service fee paid to Quicket by the ticket buyer, over and above the ticket price. This is capped at a maximum of R10.00 per transaction. In other words, if a ticket buyer buys 3 or more tickets in one go, they'll only pay a R10.00 service fee. The service fee is great because it enables us to charge you the lowest commission fee in the country.
              * In the event that your ticket/s costs R50.00 or less the R5.00 service will fall away.


            All complimentaries are free of charge - free tickets are free. We also have a free to use mobile vending system - collect your own funds, but use the entire system for free.

            Our consignment tickets we charge between R1.00 and R2.00 per ticket depending on the quantity ordered and lead time. I'll send an example of them in a separate email. 

            Use our online fee calculator

            Here's what we're busy doing for our 4.9% ex VAT

            • Running, monitoring 24/7 and constantly improving Quicket's technology so it can handle high levels of traffic while meeting the latest security and banking standards.
            • Providing you with perfect administration and accounting for your event.
            • Providing dedicated customer service for our Event Organisers and their ticket buyers, while giving free prompt and expert advice on how to sell even more tickets online.
            • We cover absolutely all banking costs and merchant fees.
            • Giving you a clean, junk-free experience. We'll never spam you, sell you anything or pass your private details on to a third party. Ever. Same goes for your ticket buyers

            Additional info on how Quicket works:

            • Quicket pays out no later than three working days, post your event into the South African Bank account of your choice.
            • Our rate is a flat rate. We do not offer bulk ticketing discounts. No event is too large or too small.
            • Our fee is taken automatically from the total amount raised on your page, so if you don't sell any tickets, you won't pay anything at all.
            • We charge on a per event basis. Quicket has no contracts. We don't believe in tying people down - use us if you like our service.
            • The only other fees, you may incur are if you opt to hire either access control staff or equipment from us on the day.

            Third party products as payment options:

            • Quicket has partnered with PayU to bring you options if cash flow is imperative.
            • PayU allows you to collect your own funds before the event into your own account. 
            • Using PayU makes you entirely liable for refunds, refund fees and administration on refunds.
            • In the event that you use PayU as a third party option we drop our rates to 2.9% ex VAT for the use of our ticketing platform. 
            • PayU have their own costs attached which you can find on each website.
            Our PAYU contact is listed below:

            Monique Van Der Mescht

            National Account Manager, PayU SA


            Mobile: +27 82 453 4715 / +27 82 728 8180

            Skype: monique.vandermescht


            Updated: 09 Mar 2017 04:03 PM
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