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            AfrikaBurn Direct Distribution FAQs

            For general AfrikaBurn ticket information and dates, visit the AfrikaBurn site here.

            Need to create or update your Burner Bio? You can do that here.

            I was allocated tickets that I'm issuing to my crew

            Why does the page say I need to log into my Quicket account?

            This is because you're either not logged into Quicket, or you may be logged into the wrong Quicket account. Click the Login link provided on your allocation page (or go to our homepage here) and look in the top right corner - if you see an email address other than the exact one your DDT allocation email was sent to, you'll need to logout and then log into Quicket using your details. Click here if you need help with your password.

            What information do I need from my crew to issue their tickets?

            For every person you're issuing a ticket to, you'll need their First name, Surname, ID or passport number, Email address and Cellphone number. Each member of your crew will receive an email and SMS to let them know they've been allocated a direct distribution ticket. In order to purchase their ticket, they'll need to create a Burner Bio or update their existing Burner Bio on the AfrikaBurn site here. Please make sure you have the same exact and correct ID or passport number that the members of your crew used on their Burner Bios.

            I'm ordering tickets that were issued to me

            Why does the ticket quantity on the event page say N/A? 

            AfrikaBurn Direct Distribution tickets will only be on sale from 27 November at 12h00 until 4 December at 12h00. You will not be able to select a ticket quantity and order your direct distribution ticket until that time.

            Why does the event page say 'promotion code has already been used'?

            If you tried ordering your ticket and closed the page, went back in your browser or had a failed purchase attempt you'll see this message. You won't be able to use your code again for 15 minutes after you've clicked Order Now on the event page; this is to prevent the code from being used again while you're going through the checkout process. If the order wasn't completed or successful, however, don't worry - you'll be able to use your code again in 15 minutes.

            Why haven't I received my link or code to buy my ticket?

            First, try checking your promotions folder or use the search bar in your email account to search for emails sent from Quicket. If you still don't see anything, please contact the lead of your creative project and make sure they have the correct email address for you. They will be able to edit your contact details and resend the email to you.

            I received my email or SMS notifying me I have a direct distribution ticket, but my name or email address was incorrect; will I still be able to buy my ticket?

            Yes; the details that the lead of your crew entered to send you the code or link to order your ticket will not automatically be applied to your ticket. As long as the lead of your crew used the correct ID or passport number and you have access to the code or link to order your ticket, you'll be able to enter your own ticket details on the checkout page. Make sure you've created or updated your Burner Bio here before ordering tickets.

            The event page says 'Promotion code does not exist'

            If you're seeing this message, please contact the lead of your creative crew. 

            Why is the checkout page not accepting my ID or passport number?

            You need to have a Burner Bio registered with your ID or passport number in order to buy any AfrikaBurn ticket. If you already have a Burner Bio, then you may need to update it before you're able to buy your ticket. You can create a bio or update your existing bio on the AfrikaBurn site here. Once you've done that, you'll be able to order your tickets.

            I missed the deadline to buy my ticket. What can I do?

            Unfortunately if you missed the DDT deadline, you won't be able to buy your direct distribution ticket. You will be able to order General Sales tickets starting 5 December at 12h00 until 7 December at 12h00. Make sure you've created or updated your Burner Bio here before ordering tickets.

            Updated: 03 Oct 2017 12:48 AM
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