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            Customising your event page design

            You've worked hard making your event unique, so why shouldn't your event page reflect that? You can custom design your page right from your event dashboard.

            Log into your Quicket account and go to My Events then Manage Events. Click on your event name and from your dashboard menu go to Event Page then Design.

            If you have a banner for your event, you can add it here. Banners should be a JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP file, and should be at least 1400px wide and no taller than 550px.

            Our colour picker will automatically find and match colours in your banner to reflect on your event page, but you can change them by clicking on the colour block or the colour name. 

            Page background: the colour of the entire event page below your banner.

            Highlights: the colour of the top of the blocks on your event page. E.g. the colour surrounding 'CHOOSE YOUR TICKETS.'

            Headings: the colour of the text at the top of the blocks on your event page. E.g. the colour of 'CHOOSE YOUR TICKETS.'

            Links: the colour of the links on your event page. E.g. 'How to buy with a credit card.'

            Save options once you're finished and you can Save Draft to come back and finish later, and Save and Publish to make the design live on your event page. You can come back to this page and click Unpublish at any time to remove the design and go back to the default Quicket settings.

            Send an email to if you find you're having trouble or give us a call on 021 424 9308.
            Updated: 11 Feb 2018 06:47 PM
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