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            How to set up a discount for bulk ticket orders

            Bulk discount codes differ from normal promotion codes in that a bulk discount has unlimited uses, and the customer does not need to enter the code name to receive the discount. All they must do is select the amount of tickets that you've set as the minimum ticket threshold, and a percentage will be deducted from their total order.

            Get started by logging into your Quicket account, and go to My Events then Manage Events. Select Manage next to your event and from the left-side menu of your event dashboard, choose Promote and then Promotional codes.

            Click Add new code to start setting up the discount.

            Slide to YES under Bulk Discount.

            Code: This is where you can name your bulk discount code. The code name is purely to help you remember and differentiate between your multiple codes. The ticket buyer will not have to enter this code to receive the discount.

            Let's say you have one offer for groups of 4 or more Adults to get a 10% discount; you can name your first code '4x Adults.' You could then create second offer for groups of 10 or more Adults to receive a 25% discount and name the code '10x Adults.' In this case, anyone who books between 4 and 9 Adult tickets will get a 10% discount off their total purchase; anyone who books 10 or more tickets will get a 25% discount off their total purchase.

            Minimum ticket threshold: This is the minimum amount of the selected tickets that must be purchased in order to receive a discount.

            Discount amount: This is the percentage that will be discounted from the purchase if the minimum ticket threshold is reached. Note that at this time, discounts are only based on percentage and not a currency-based amount.

            Select tickets: You'll need to select which ticket types the discount applies to.

            If you want a discount to apply only to one ticket type, e.g. Adults, then you'll only need to select the Adult ticket type. Keep in mind however that the discount applies to the entire booking; so, if someone books 4  Adult tickets with a 10% discount and also books 2 Kids tickets in the same order, 10% will be taken off of the entire order, not just the amount owed for Adults.

            Then say you want to offer a 10% discount to guests who book 4 Adult tickets OR 4 VIP tickets. You can select both ticket types, Adult AND VIP, under Select tickets, and a 10% discount will be applied when the total ticket amount purchased is a combined total of 4 tickets between Adults and VIPs. So, someone can purchase 3 Adult tickets and 1 VIP ticket and still receive a 10% discount.

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