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            How to create a Facebook share & save promotional offer

            Incentivise guests to promote your event by offering a discount on their ticket purchase in exchange for sharing your event on Facebook.

            Start by logging into your Quicket account, go to
            My Events and click Manage next to your event. Once in your event dashboard choose Promote and then Share and Save.

            Keep the Share and Save button on YES to keep Share and Save enabled. Sliding to NO will change this option to a normal discount code.

            Discount amount: choose the ZAR amount or percentage that will be discounted from the order when your guests share the event.

            Number of uses: select the total amount of tickets for the event that can be discounted for all guests using Share and Save.

            Select tickets:
            select which ticket types you'd like to apply the discount to when guests share the event.

            Please note that orders with more than one ticket will incur the discount for each applicable ticket in the order.

            Once you've set up your Share and Save option, head to your event page to see the final product. The Share and Save button will appear on your event page below your ticket types where your guests can easily click through to share and claim their discount.

            The discount will automatically be applied to their purchase after they've successfully posted the link on Facebook.

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