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            Can I edit my ticket details more than once?

            The short answer is no. Ticket edits for AfrikaBurn are only meant to be used in a case such as you made a typo in your details at checkout and now need a quick fix. Ticket edits are not meant to be used if you are giving a ticket to someone else and need to add their details. If you are giving your ticket to someone you know, please transfer the ticket instead. Click here for help transferring tickets. (Selling your ticket to someone you don't know? Check out TicketPony here.)

            If you have already used the one edit you are allowed and are desperate for another edit (e.g. you're giving an extra ticket to someone who does not have an email account), then please:

            1. Send an email to
   sent from the email address of the ticket owner (i.e. the Quicket account the ticket is listed under)
            2. In the email, tell us which ticket in your order you need us to edit (we cannot be held liable for editing the wrong ticket if you do not clearly express which ticket we must change)
            3. The new details we must add to the ticket.

            Please note that if you have not used your one edit for your ticket order, we will only send you instructions on how to edit your tickets from your Quicket account. If you have already used your one edit, we will only be able to make one additional edit for you and no more.

            Because we take security seriously, we will not be able to transfer tickets or edit ticket details via phone requests.

            Updated: 09 Jan 2018 06:21 AM
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