How to buy a ticket using SnapScan

            SnapScan is an app you can download on your smart phone to make payment by scanning a code. You can find out more about SnapScan here.

            Choose your tickets

            Under the section Choose Your Tickets on the event page you'll see all of the ticket type options, the sales start or end date of each ticket type, ticket prices and the Quicket booking fee. 

            Choose which tickets and how many of each you would like to order from the drop-down menu under QUANTITY.

            Click Order now! and proceed to checkout.

            (Do the tickets say booked out, sold out or N/A? Click here for more info.)

            Review your order

            You are given at least fifteen minutes to fill in your details and complete your order. But don’t worry; if your time runs out, just select your tickets and start again.

            You can click Change Order in your Order Summary if you need to go back to the event page for any reason.

            Buyer information

            You'll need to enter your email address here so we know where to send your tickets. If you've used Quicket before, you can log into your account right from the page. However, you don't have to log in to purchase tickets -- just enter your email address again, and we'll store your tickets in the same account.

            If you've never used Quicket, entering your email address will create an account for you where you can always access your tickets.

            (Having trouble with your password? Click here for help.)

            Payment information

            Under Payment information, you'll want to select the option 'SnapScan' from the dropdown menu. You'll only be shown the QR code to scan for payment after filling in your ticket details and clicking Complete Order.

            Ticket details

            Under Ticket Details, you'll need to fill out some information for your tickets. Event organisers often require additional information, so if you have any questions about what's being requested, it's best to contact the organiser directly. Quicket will never share your information with any outside parties - this stays between you and the event organiser.

            Click Complete Order!

            Confirm payment with SnapScan

            After clicking the Complete Order button, you'll be taken to a page with a QR code you can scan for payment with your SnapScan app.

            The rest of the payment will take place within the SnapScan app on your phone, but
            do not close the Quicket browser while you are paying with SnapScan.

            The Quicket payment that comes up in your SnapScan app after scanning the QR code is specifically linked to your purchase on Quicket, so if you change the amount to be paid, the payment will not be successful and your tickets will not be confirmed.

            Click Pay in the SnapScan app. You may need to provide a one-time pin in the app to confirm the payment.

            Once you can see the payment has gone through in the app, head back to the Quicket browser where you originally started your purchase. If the payment was successful, the page should reload to the Quicket Success page, and your tickets will be emailed to you and stored in your Quicket account.

            Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any help making your booking. You can chat to our Customer Success team on

            For help using SnapScan specifically, please email

            Updated: 18 Jul 2019 06:12 PM
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