Querying a charge from Quicket

What is the charge from Quicket on my bank statement?

Did you buy tickets, merchandise or make a donation online recently? If so, that purchase may have been facilitated by Quicket. We're an online ticketing company based in Cape Town, though some event organisers also use our service to collect donations and sell merchandise.

While most orders are made through our website, quicket.co.za, you may have also placed an order directly through the event organiser's website if they are using a ticket widget. If you bought tickets on the day of an event at the door, it is also possible the event organiser was using a Quicket card machine which would show a 'Quicket' charge on your statement. 

If you made the purchase online, whether through the Quicket website or the event organiser's website, you should have received an email with your tickets / order confirmation, though there's a chance it could have landed in another folder of your email account such as Promotions. If you don't see any emails from Quicket in your inbox, please try using the search bar in your email account to search for emails from Quicket. 

If none of the above sounds familiar, we'd be happy to investigate and find the purchase for you. You can get in touch with our support team on
support@quicket.co.za with the following information:
1. The amount charged on your bank statement
2. The date of the transaction
3. The name on your card

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