SMS your guests

How to contact your guests via SMS

Use the SMS Your Guests feature to quickly send info to any of your guests that provided a mobile phone number at checkout.

Note that each SMS costs R0.25 ex VAT; this feature is not available for free events or events that have not yet turned over enough funds.

Start by logging into your Quicket account, and go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events then click on the name of your event. Then from your event dashboard, go to Guest Management and select SMS your guests .

On the SMS your guests page, you'll see a list of your ticket types. Simply select the ticket types of the guests that you'd like to contact and click Calculate list .

You'll then see the amount of messages that will be sent based on the ticket types you've selected and the amount that will be deducted from your event payout. Below is a text box for you to enter the message you need to send to your guests which is capped at 160 characters.

Click Send messages once you're happy with your message, and you'll see a popup confirming the number of messages being sent and the total that will be charged to your event. Click OK to send the messages or Cancel to make any changes.

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