How to see reviews of your event on Quicket

See feedback from guests in your Reviews Report

As an event organiser using Quicket, you've always had access to quantitative reports such as your sales reports, visitors report and check-in report. Qualitative feedback is just as important so you can see your event from your attendees' perspective, see what you pulled off really well, and where you have room to improve for future events.

You don't need to push any buttons or turn on any settings to receive reviews from your guests. With the Quicket review system, your guests will automatically receive an email from us after the event ends where they can optionally leave a review, either  anonymously or with their name and email .

Please note the following:
  1. Only Quicket users who booked the tickets themselves will receive an email to review your event. I.e. if Joe Ticket Buyer booked two tickets - one for himself and one for his friend Ted - only Joe will be able to review your event.
  2. Users who purchased only merchandise or made a donation on your event page will not receive an email to review your event (so if your event is based on donations or merchandise only, your guests will not be able to leave a review).
  3. Users will have up to 7 days after the event ends to leave a review.
  4. In order to ensure that reviews are a fair representation, reviews are not able to be submitted by the account owner of the event.
  5. Users have the option of making their review public or keeping the review private. If public, they are giving permission for Quicket to publicly display their review on our platform. 
To see your reviews, simply log into your Quicket account and go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events. Click on the name of your event, keeping in mind the event will need to be Finished for any reviews to have been submitted. If you have many events in your account, you can simply filter your events by status by clicking the dropdown 'Filter events by status'.

Once in the dashboard of your Finished event, from the menu select Reports and then Reviews Report.

If you have any reviews, you'll see them all listed here, along with an average rating of the event based on the reviews received. 

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