Refunds for cancelled or postponed events

Refunds for cancelled or postponed events

Refunds (due to event cancellation, postponement or restriction)

Quicket provides a facility for organisers to postpone or cancel their events on the Quicket platform. When doing so, an email is sent to all ticket holders informing them of such postponement or cancellation. Where a refund is issued by Quicket to the ticket buyer,
 the booking fee will not be refunded and our commission will be deducted from the face value of the tickets being refunded. Ticket holders whose funds are not held by Quicket will need to request a refund directly from the organiser and we take no responsibility in respect of that process.

If an event is postponed, the organiser must refund ticket holders if requested by the ticket holder prior to the postponed event and within 14 days of the postponement announcement. The event refund policy will still apply, however, for those ticket holders who wish to cancel their booking for any other reason.

Organisers may reduce in extent or quantity or impose a restriction on events. In these circumstances, the organiser must refund ticket holders if requested by the ticket holder prior to the event and within 14 days of the announcement of such restriction or reduction. The event refund policy will still apply, however.

In all circumstances where refunds are processed by Quicket due to the cancellation, postponement or restriction or reduction of an event, our service fee is non-refundable and Quicket reserves the right to withhold our commission from the amount refunded by us. If the organiser is already holding the funds and facilitating the refunds directly, Quicket may charge the organiser our commission and booking fee for such refunds.

Organisers irrevocably authorise Quicket to elect, in its reasonable discretion, where it deems that a refund is legally required, to itself refund ticket holders the face value of their tickets less any fees, on behalf of the organiser, where an event has been cancelled, postponed or restricted. Organisers will have no claim against Quicket for payment of the ticket price which was refunded by Quicket.

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