Payment options

Managing your guests' payment options at checkout

If you're using Quicket's payment facilities, we will pay out your event funds, less our commission and any fees you may have accumulated, within 3 working days after your event ends. If you know you'll need to access your funds before your event ends however, you can choose to link your PayU account to your event to access the funds at your convenience.

Please contact us to discuss our rates when using PayU. You can send an email to or phone us on + 27 21 424 9308. Find more information on PayU and how to set up an account here:

You will only be able to see and choose your payment options from your event dashboard after you've completed the event creation form.

Please note if you have a PayFast account that you'd prefer to use to collect funds, this option will not appear in your event dashboard. Please send us an email on or phone us +27 21 424 9308 and our team can assist with linking your PayFast account.

Once your event is created, go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events in your Quicket account then click on the name of your event. . Then click Manage next to your event and from the menu of your dashboard, choose Checkout and then Payment options.

Here you'll find a list of your payment options; you can select any combination of these by sliding the button to ON. 

Quicket default payments: the default methods for payment are Quicket's card payment facilities (processed by our payment gateway Peach Payments), SnapScan and SID Instant EFT.

Our support staff are available to help ticket buyers with any queries related to these default payment methods. Ticket funds collected through these methods are paid out 3 working days after your event ends, and we will automatically deduct our commission and any fees you have accumulated from your event payout.

PayU: you'll need to set up an account with PayU before choosing this as a payment option. Once your account is set up, slide the button to ON and you can enter your account information (e.g. username, merchant ID, etc.) to link your accounts. Let us know once you've done this so we can adjust your ticketing commission. Note that because these funds are processed directly into your account, you may be held responsible for any refunds and payment queries by ticket buyers. Quicket will invoice you after your event has ended for our commission and any additional fees you may have accumulated.

Stripe: If you have an event that processes funds in any of the below currencies, you'll need to change your event payment method to Stripe. (You can learn more about Stripe here: You can update the currency for your event by going to Checkout >> Ticket Types in your dashboard menu. Please note that you will not be able to update your event currency once a ticket has been sold.

If you're processing funds if any of the following currencies, you'll need to make Stripe your event payment method:
  1. Australian Dollar (AUD)
  2. US Dollar (USD)
  3. Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  4. Great British Pound (GBP)
  5. New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  6. Euro
  7. Singapore Dollar (SGD)

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