Integrations to get the most out of your Quicket fundraiser

Download your QR code and embed a collections widget

Once you've created your fundraiser on Quicket, in your fundraiser dashboard menu simply head to Integrate >> Widget and you'll be able to copy and embed your collections widget code on your website and download your own unique QR code for people to simply scan and pay.

You can optionally customise your collections widget by changing the title that appears and the DONATE button text to something that better suits your fundraiser if needed.

Widget title: Give a brief but descriptive title for your Collections so people know what their money is going towards.

Button text: If you use the widget code to embed a collections button on your own website, this is your call to action to get people to donate. The default text is DONATE, but you can customise this to whatever you like (as long as it's less than 30 characters).

Description: You can elaborate a bit on the reason you're collecting funds here. This is not required, but is a nice way to give a bit more detail. There is a character limit of 130 so get creative but be brief!

Enable pre-defined price options: If ON, we will recommend a few price options on the collections widget for people simply click and pay (these prices are R20, R50 and R100). They will also have the ability to enter a custom amount to donate. If OFF, people will only have the ability to enter and donate a custom amount, and the price option of R20, R50 and R100 will not appear.

Click SAVE WIDGET DETAILS once you've finished customising your widget, then copy your widget code or download your QR code and start collecting more donations!

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