Integrate with Zapier

How to set up your Zapier integration

You'd like to connect your Quicket event to other services so that you can do things like automatically add a guest to your CRM when they buy a ticket or get an SMS when a VIP checks in at the gate. Integrate your Quicket event with Zapier and choose from thousands of apps and services to connect with for an even more seamless ticketing experience.

For more information on using Zapier in general, find a wide selection of articles in their Help Centre here:

To get started, log into your Quicket account and go to your event dashboard. From your dashboard menu select Integrate then Zapier , and you'll see your invitation to use Quicket on Zapier. Click Login to Accept Invite , or Sign Up to Accept Invite if you don't already have a Zapier account.

Choose your Quicket Trigger

Once you've logged in or signed up, you can create your first Zap with Quicket.

Select which Quicket trigger you'd like an action for.

Guest Cancelled: This triggers an action when a ticket is cancelled. This includes tickets cancelled because a refund was processed, or tickets cancelled because they were transferred to another a ticket holder.

Guest Added: This triggers an action when a single guest is added to your event. E.g. if someone makes an order for three tickets, an action will be triggered for all three guests.

Guest Checkin: This triggers an action when the guest is checked into your event or checked out of the event.

Order Added: This triggers an action when an order for your event is completed. E.g. if someone makes an order for three tickets, an action will be triggered only once for the order.

New registration: If you have a pre-registration form set up (requiring guests to provide information before order tickets), this triggers an action when a user successfully registers for your event. This will only trigger when the registration is approved.

Guest edited: This triggers an action when a guests' ticket details are updated.

Click to continue at the bottom once you've selected a Trigger. Note that you can only set up one Trigger per Zap, so you'll need to make multiple Zaps to set up multiple Triggers.

Connect your Quicket account

Next, you'll need to connect your Quicket account to Zapier. If you've already connected a Quicket account, you can select your account, or click Add a New Account .

After clicking  Add a New Account you'll see a popup asking you to retrieve your Quicket user token.

Click the link provided and you'll be taken to your Quicket account to fetch your user token.

Copy the user token, enter it into the space provided in the Zapier popup and click Yes, continue .

Continue once connected.

Choose your Quicket event

On the following page you'll need to select which of your Quicket events you're integrating with Zapier. Search for your event by name or event ID, or select from the list of events that Zapier fetched from your account.

Note that you will only be able to select one   Active event.

Click Continue .

Test your connection

Zapier will want to test the trigger to make sure everything will run smoothly. Make sure you have at least one guest in your event before testing. If you don't have any guests in your event yet, you can send yourself a complimentary ticket and then cancel it later on. (You can cancel tickets from your Orders List. Click here for help using your Orders List.

To carry on, click Test & Review or Test & Continue , or simply Skip Test .

If the test was successful, you'll see an option to view your guest to see all of the information that Zapier pulls through. If everything looks good, click Continue .

Set up your Action App

Next you'll need to choose the Action App. This is the app or service that you want triggered by Quicket. 

Choose from a list of apps you've used previously, or search for the app using the search bar. You can choose from hundreds of apps.

Once you've selected your app, you'll need to choose an Action. This is what will happen in the app or service when your trigger on Quicket happens. Click Continue once you've selected your action.

Connect your Action App account

You'll need to connect to your account on the app that you've selected so Zapier can test your action. 

Click  Continue  once you've tested that the account is connected.

Choose your Action App option details

Zapier will generate the different options that you have for the Action you've selected.

Click Continue to test your action.

That's it! As long your action triggered correctly in the test, you're good to go.

For more information on creating Zaps, visit the Zapier helpdesk here:

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